The integration of advanced technology and scientific data in sports training is not a new idea, it’s origins were in golf and baseball. The use of technology and the study of kinetic movement has become an essential tool for softball coaches and recruiters, providing analytics and data-driven decision-making. The evolution of technology in the sport of softball has led to our advanced training center, creating a highly competitive environment.

Technology We Use

4D Motion Softball Technology analyzes and measures the Kinematic Sequence of pitching, hitting, and catching through biofeedback, upper/lower arm speeds, hip/shoulder angles, and spine angles. It also provides slow-motion video analysis to improve performance.

Rapsodo’s training system uses a camera and radar to capture data on pitching mechanics. It provides detailed information, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency, break, release and more, to help connect mechanics with performance data.

The HitTrax Training System uses high speed cameras to analyze hitting performance. It measures Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance, Point of Impact, Play Outcome, Strike Zone Analysis, and provides High Speed Video with integrated metrics for detailed analysis and improvement.

Diamond Kinetics provides Pitching and Swinging analytics using SwingTracker (attached to the bat) and PitchTracker (embedded in the ball). The system provides comprehensive swing analysis and easy-to-understand science-based pitching analytics for improvement in performance.

T3 Tech Lab

The Triple Threat Training Tech Lab is part of our state-of-the-art training facility where athletes can take their performance to the next level. The lab is equipped with cutting-edge training sensors and electronics that provide accurate and in-depth analysis of a player’s skills, including pitching motion, bat speed, swing angle, and power output. Coaches and athletes can use this data to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune their training routines. Contact us today to learn more.

Competitive Edge With Insights

Data-Driven Instruction

As instructors, we are able to establish baselines, personalize training targeted at identified inefficiencies, and track their performance improvements. Our technology closes the gaps in training by removing the guesswork and providing instant feedback. No longer dependent on what the human eye alone can identify, we can see, and show how the body is moving versus how the player thinks their body is moving! We can also see the speed and kinetic sequence of our body in motion to ensure efficiency, prevent injury, and maximize power!

Sharable Metrics for Recruitment

Coaches can now evaluate players without traveling, giving them the ability to see more athletes during recruiting season. 4D Motion, Rapsodo, Diamond Kinetics, and HitTrax provide a measurable performance profile, baseline metrics, and the ability to track growth.