Triple Threat Training offers lessons for pitching, catching, hitting, slapping, and defense. Our lessons are based on initial and ongoing Digital Assessments in our Tech Lab to provide customized instructions for each athlete. Our technology, combined with science based training, is helping us fill the gaps in the development of our athletes by allowing us to see what we miss with the naked eye. From recognizing mobility issues to identifying the sequence of muscle movement, we are able to fine tune our athletes in a way that hasn’t previously been possible.

Indoor Softball Lessons

  • Train with top instructors in Middle Tennessee
  • Learn the latest in skill development
  • Utilize technology driven metrics to take your game to the next level


Per Lesson

Digital Assessments

  • Measure Hitting, Pitching and Catching metrics in our Tech Lab
  • $35 add-on for pitchers/catchers
  • Send & share digital analytics files to players, scouts and college coaches


Per Assessment

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Lessons We Offer


We use experience, science and technology to enhance the pitching skills of female softball players by focusing on proper internal rotation pitching. Our aim is to develop skilled and confident pitchers who can succeed on the field.


We offer personalized hitting training programs to improve your performance at the plate. Our experienced coaches use advanced tools to analyze your movements and provide accurate feedback to help you achieve your goals.


We offer specialized training programs for catchers aged 8 -18, focusing on teaching the proper techniques for receiving, blocking, and throwing. Our coaches use a range of drills, advanced technology, and video analysis to improve player performance.


Our softball defense sessions cover glovework, footwork, reaction time, speed and agility for players aged 5 -18. Triple Threat offers tailored programs and utilize a variety of training methods to improve performance, including video analysis and performance sensors.

Slap Hitting

Our Slap Hitting coaching teaches the correct footwork, timing, hand positioning, and hitting away from the defender. Through drills, games, and video analysis, we help players develop the confidence and ability to execute the slap hitting technique in real game situations.