Indoor Hitting & Pitching Training For All Ages

No matter what the weather is outside, our indoor batting cages help you maintain and improve your batting skills! We offer a step above your average coin-operated cage rental with a padded turf floor that can be opened up to provide an open space for infield, base running, or other non-hitting drills. Choose our baseball or softball pitching machines or evaluate player performance with our HitTrax and Rapsodo analysis systems.


You don’t have to be on a team to improve your batting skills. Bring your bat and helmet and hit a few balls. Even regular team practices leave many batters short on swings, so the extra time in the cage helps batters confidently recognize, process and hang in there on a tough pitch and drive it to the outfield!

  • Baseballs & Softballs Provided
  • Hack Attack Baseball and Softball Pitching Machines
  • Large, Spacious Cages 
  • Net Shields for Extra Safety 
  • Trainers Available During Select Events

Available Training Aids

  • Ground Force Pitching Trainer
  • Weighted softballs / baseballs
  • Plyo Jump Box
  • VeloPro Harness
  • Agility ladder, hurdles, and cones
  • RMT Club
  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Trainer (resistance belt)
  • Slam Balls


30 Minute Cage Rental


1 Hour Cage Rental


Pitching Machine w/ 30 Minute Cage Rental


Pitching Machine w/ 1 Hour Cage Rental


Per Training Aid for Non Members

Facility rental for teams

Bring your group or team and spend a few hours training for your next game! With the ability to utilize the net shielded cage spaces or retract them to open up the space for better game improvement, you can ensure every member of your team gets the chance to improve their game. Discounts for teams are also available.


2 Hours Half Facility (3 Cages)


2 Hours Full Facility (6 Cages)

+ $15

Per Hour Pitching Machine Rental


There is a difference between thinking and knowing you are improving. Our state-of-the-art performance software gives players the edge before you hit the ballfield! Training reaches the next level in both hitting and pitching with the latest HitTrax and Rapsodo systems.


Helping batters of all skill levels  improve with immediate feedback, the HitTrax software offers real-time insight into hitting mechanics for individual players and coaches. HitTrax hitting analysis includes a few games and the following metrics: 

  • Exit Velocity
  • Launch Angle
  • Distance
  • Point of Impact
  • Play Outcome
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • High Speed Video w/ Integrated Metrics



1 Hour HitTrax Hitting w/ Cage Rental


With the ability to analyze a variety of pitches, the Rapsodo system tracks pitch flights to help pitchers and coaches improve ability and instruction with real-time data. Rapsodo pitching analysis includes a few games and the following metrics: 

  • Velocity
  • Spin Rate
  • True Spin Rate
  • Spin Direction
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Spin Efficiency
  • Pitch Break
  • 3D Trajectory
  • Release Height, Side, Angle & Height Angle

Watch a video introduction of the Rapsodo system.


1 Hour Rapsodo Pitching w/ Cage Rental

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